How to Use Alaska's Marketplace Website

Alaska’s Marketplace is a two-fold website. It has a business directory and accompanying classified ad section.

This is an Alaska only website for the people living and working in this state.  All services and products must be located in the state or have interests that directly benefits Alaskan’s. An example of direct interests would be a barge company that ships items to Alaska.

Non-Alaskan companies targeting Alaskans is not allowed.  We are targeted because it’s free to post. Yes it is, but only for Alaskans and only personal tangible items, yard sales or community events.  907 area codes are a great way to avoid possible blocking of your ads.

Any ad for an animal is free to post, but if you promote a business or non-profit; you must purchase a business ad.  Handmade items are free to post, but if you have a business, a directory listing is needed.  Services, even free, are considered a business.  You want to be in the business directory to have clients find you easier.  

You cannot post anything illegal or immoral.  This is a family oriented website for all ages to use.    

Alaska’s Marketplace is a great place for small businesses looking for afordable advertising.  If you don’t have a webpage or funds to create one, you can still place all the information about your business and everything you would offer on the Classifieds section.  This website is a tool for businesses.  If you have specials or sales, place a free ad on the classifieds and direct to your business.  Use your imagination to draw in customers.  

Not to be left out, private items for sale by individuals living in Alaska are available for free on the classified side of the website. These items are not to be directed to a business, but offered privately.

Most classified websites limit themselves to listing certain products or services and the big two in Alaska; Facebook and Craigslist, will not allow for selling of dogs or weapons; two almost mandatory Alaskan items.

The website has proven to be very popular with interests outside of Alaska. We at Alaska’s Marketplace have no issues with deleting the posts and caution Alaskans to verify that the item is in Alaska, because it may take hours or days for us to remove some posts. If you encounter an ad that is fraudulent, don’t hesitate to notify the administrator. A good Alaska phone number and location helps the administrators verify legitimate posts.  

Alaska"s Marketplace reserves the right to delete any posting.

Help spread the word through social media and word of mouth. Please bookmark the site and visit often.

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