Scammers have found this website. 

It is not common, but occasionally a phone call from a scammer will happen.  Most scammers prefer email or texting.  

There is an American woman calling posters and claiming to be the owner of Alaska’s Marketplace.  She called, me, the real owner, fishing for my personal information, starting with my name.  I didn’t give her anything, and told her I was the owner asked if she wanted to start over.  She told me, “No, I don’t,” and hung up.

As the owner/administrator of Alaska’s Marketplace, I have the ability to block your post.  None of these scammers have that ability.  If you get a call or email, test the sender and ask them to block your ad.  If they give you a story, they are fraudulent. I will not ask for your name.  All I care about is that the posting rules be followed.

Most of the time if I see a violation of a posting rule, I just block the ad and probably the poster because they are obvious scams.  Look for the 907 area code on all ads.  I block all ads that don’t have a valid Alaska phone number.  I do allow for a confirmed Alaska business that uses a toll free number.

If there is an Alaskan ad that misses the phone number, I will block the ad and send an email to the poster to correct the issue.  They will have the ability to correct the glitch.  That’s how you know you are dealing with the real administrator.

Avoid the pain of dealing with scammers, either phishing on email, phone calls or texts by reading this blog once in a while for a refresher.

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