Continuing Development of the Website

Who would have thought the Iditarod would show a glaring omission in the Pet Section of Alaska’s Marketplace. 

There is a promoted ad on Alaska’s Marketplace selling maps of the Iditarod trail with towns and stations along the route.  It is a beautiful chart to hang either in a classroom or on the fridge to keep up with our mushers.  That got me interested in just who from Alaska ran the race, so I searched the Internet for Alaska’s dog mushers that run the Iditarod.  I found a few mushers with their own web pages.  All had one thing in common; they needed funds. 

I spotted an intriguing approach to requesting help from our Cantwell musher in the sponsoring of a dog.  Alaska’s Marketplace is also adding another missed Business Category, “Dog Musher Kennels” in the Animal Section.  That way, the mushers can advertise their business and place ads in the classifieds directing people to their business.  Dog mushing may look like fun, but it’s still a business and lots of hours and hard work.

As the goal of Alaska’s Marketplace is to assist Alaskans in their endeavors and businesses, I quickly searched our site's Pet Section in the Classifieds and discovered “Sponsor an Animal” was not in the lineup of choices.  Whether it is a foster animal from a rescue or shelter or one of our many dog mushers; providing a platform to list their needs is a must.  Also, we may have a member of our community so hard up; they could use a bag of cat or dog food.  Sponsor an Animal is the place to ask for such help.

The goal of the website is to bring the needs of Alaskans together in one place instead of spread over a state the size of Alaska in either social media forums or individual websites.  There are hundreds of individual sites and pages, all trying to promote their piece of the pie and reach a fraction of the people they could.  United under one banner will draw more people to individual causes. 

It gives Alaska’s Marketplace great pleasure to bring people together in this common cause of helping Alaska’s animals.

As the website is developed, any omission can be added.  Please drop us a line with recommendations.  

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